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Mold Has been used to cast coins

Mold Has been used to cast coins, and not just human case of the sand box in Jersey. Today. It embodies all kinds of high-tech, fast precision molding directly to the material, welding, assembly into parts, components or products, their efficiency, accuracy, flow lines, ultra miniaturization, energy conservation, Environmental protection , As well as product performance, appearance, etc., are unmatched by traditional techniques. 21st century, whether Electronic , Biology, materials, automobiles, home appliances, which the industry is not equipped with the computer, molds and machining center brick production line, can not assume a pillar industry in the manufacturing sector. Mold is an important modern manufacturing technology and equipment, the level of a country or business marks the level of manufacturing and production capacity. The next period of time, the five pillar industries in China’s product quality, cost and volume of updates, including industry, including technological progress is the key mold. Global output is now already more than the traditional mold Machinery Industry – Machine and Tools output combined.
The modular design of mold Shorten the design cycle and improve design quality is to shorten the development cycle of the mold one of the keys. Modular design is the use of product components in the structure and functional similarities, but to achieve the standardization and combination of products. A lot of practice shows that the modular design can effectively reduce product design time and improve design quality. This article in the mold design to explore the use of modular design.
Die modular design of implementation: 1, the establishment of the module library
Module Library for three steps: module partition, structural features of model and generate user-defined features. Standard parts is a special case of modules present in the module library. Standard part of the definition only for the latter two steps. Module partition is the first step in modular design. Module partition is reasonable, directly affect the modular system features, performance and cost. Each module products to go through technical research division and has repeatedly demonstrated in order to obtain classification results. For the mold, the structure of modules and each module is inclusive. Structure of modules in the local area may have greater structural change, so that it can contain function modules; and functional modules of the local structure may be more fixed, so that it can contain structural modules. Module design is complete, the Pro / E parts / assembly (Part / Assembly) space required for the module features hand-constructed model, using Pro / E user-defined feature function, defined modules of the two variable parameters: available variable size and assembly relations, the formation of user defined features (User-DefinedFeatures, UDFs). Generate user-defined profiles (in gph for the suffix of the file) by grouping named after storage, the establishment of the library to complete the module.
2, the module library Management System Development
System through two inference, structural inference and the module automatically select the model, determined to achieve the module. Be the first module of the general structure of reasoning, the second inference module to finalize all the parameters. To implement the module in this way, “plasticity” goal. Selection and Reasoning in the structure, the system accepts user input of the module name, function parameters and structure parameters, reasoning, obtained in the module library for the module name.
If you are not satisfied with the results, the user can specify the module name. In this step, the resulting module is still uncertain, it lacks the size parameters, precision, material characteristics and the definition of assembly relationships. In the automatic modeling reasoning, the system size using the input parameters, the accuracy characteristics, material characteristics and the definition of assembly relationships, model-driven user-defined features, dynamically and automatically constructed feature model module and automatic assembly. Automatic modeling function using C language and Pro / E secondary development tool Pro / TOOLK IT Developed with the. By calling the module can be quickly completed mold design. After applying this system mold design cycle is shortened. Because the module designed to seriously consider the quality of the module, so the quality of the mold from the base guarantee. Module library is stored in separate UDFs files, so the system is scalable.
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Mold Design And Manufacturing Process Of Several Problems – Mold, Design, Manufacture – Metal
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