How to Understand the Symbolism in Flower Tattoo Designs

Flower tattoo designs and their meanings can be more than just a pretty picture of a violet on a pretty girl. Flowers represent nature and birth, procreation, rebirth, life, and death. There are specific flower tattoo designs that represent different things in many different cultures. In the East for example, the Lotus flower has spiritual significance, and in the West it is the Rose.

The spectrum of colors used in the flower tattoos has symbolic significance; red is passion, white is purity. The flower’s shape, the receptive form and the role it has in fertilization, has for a very long time symbolized femininity. For as long as flowers have been around, and as long as we were able to touch and smell them, they have inspired us.

Other flowers such as the Iris is said to be the highest symbolized flower. It is believed that the goddess of the Rainbow, Iris, transported the souls of women to an underworld, which associates the Iris flower with death. Iris is believed to have a passport to a mystical dark side, and Iris became the gods’ messenger. The three petals on the Iris symbolize wisdom, valor and faith.

According to Christianity, the flower designs of the Iris and its three petals symbolize the Christians’ Holy Trinity. The white and blue colors of the Iris are associated with Christianity’s Virgin Mary. Archangel Gabriel is portrayed holding the Iris when he had appeared to the Virgin Mary.

The Narcissus and the Violet flower tattoo designs are flowers resulting from the Greek mythology. The Violet is a favorite over the ages with its heart-shaped leaves and sweet perfume. During the medieval era the Violet symbolized humility, faithful love and chastity. In Rome, the Violet flower was the main funeral flower and symbolized peace. Today, the color purple symbolizes mourning.

The Poppy and Anemone flowers are another two flowers that are associated with sleep and death, and these are also two of the most popular tattoo designs people look around for. The Poppy flower tattoo designs have come to symbolize our World Wars and fallen soldiers. The Anemone is the flower that is present in the story of the mourning Aphrodite and Adonis’ death. It is believed that the Anemone sprung when her tears hit the ground.

Fairies are known to sleep in the closed Anemone and awake each morning when the petals open. The Poppy flower is a symbol of oblivion and sleep. The Anemone bears a different meaning that comes from centuries ago. The folklore back then believed that the Anemone was the protection against evil. There are many today that consider these flowers when they come across them among the many flower tattoo designs.

Flowers play a very significant part in our lives. The colors and the petal symbolize something, and each of the flower tattoo designs are as perfect as the flowers themselves and the meaning they have behind them. It is important that your flower tattoo designs have an important meaning to you and maybe Aphrodite can spring a flower in you.