How to Get a Great Hotel Website: Choosing a Designer

How to turn a website design into an effective website for your property.

Your website will often be the first point of contact for potential new customers. As such, failure to invest in a quality website is no longer an option for a property aiming to be successful in today’s competitive marketplace. If you’re to make that all important ‘good first impression’ to your guests then your design needs to create an attractive, informative, and easy to use website. If you get it right at the point of first contact then your visitors will feel confident that your hotel is one they can choose to do business with.

Web Design Basics.

A professional company will take your website from initial concept to a live, fully functioning finished product. There are four major elements to any project and these are:

Design: Getting the right look for your site is essential for attracting the right kind of guests to your hotel. Design also affects the usability of your site and the customer experience – a bad design can cause people to leave the site early and not make that all important booking.

Development: A hotel website with online booking, property and content management, synchronisation with mobile and social systems requires selection and integration of the right software to support the necessary functions. Some software is more expensive than others and some more effective.

Hosting: The website needs somewhere to live – a server on which to reside so that it can be accessed at all times of the night and day by your intended audience. A good web design company will often be able to set you up with a hosting provider, or provide hosting themselves. If the website is to take bookings online you may well need enhanced security through an SSL certificate. A host company can provide this. Check with the design company that this is covered in some way.

Traffic: A great looking site is wasted if it is not generating traffic. SEO is a way to make sure that your website is going to be indexed by Google and other major search engines, ensuring that it can be found when searched for. They may even offer search engine optimisation services so that it ranks highly in search results. You want to check if these services are available from the website design companies who you get quotes from – and ask what level of optimisation, if any, is included in the price.