How To Create An Appealing And Responsive Website Design

Whenever business owners get down to creating a website for their business, they focus their attention on visual appeal. To put it straight, they wish to create a site that will catch the eye of the viewer instantly. The layout, design and content help your site scale Search Engine rankings, but what use if the site does not load or loads in bits and pieces. At the most, viewers will hit the refresh button once and if it still fails to display properly, they will make a mental note never to visit your site again. One visitor lost is not a matter of worry, but losing one potential customer everyday becomes a potential threat to your business.

That is why a website design should not only be appealing but also responsive. The need for a website to be responsive is increasingly felt today. Why? You can find out below. Also, learn how to create an appealing and responsive website.

Responsiveness vs. Aesthetic Value

Till a few years ago, both the aspects were equally important; in fact, aesthetic appeal had an upper hand. Today, the world has become digitally advanced. There is a plethora of devices including cell phones, smartphones, tablets, netbooks, laptops and desktops. In addition to netbooks, laptops and desktops, most people prefer to access the internet on their smartphones and tablets. Even basic cell phones include features that allow internet access.

A good web design framework is one that is compatible with various technology interfaces. It should also work with different screen sizes. A responsive website is one that fine-tunes itself to the device on which it is being accessed. It preserves its design quality and does not compromise on the amount of information provided irrespective of the device on which it is being viewed.

As far as the relationship between responsiveness and design elements are concerned, less complex a web design, it will be more responsive. It is often observed that websites with too many design features and elements takes too long to load. When they are viewed on different devices, it results in disproportioned images, misalignments and displaced content.

Tips to Create an Appealing Website

As promised, we will now brief you on the features of an appealing website design. They are as follows:

Content is a crucial component of web design and determines how many people visit your website and how much time they spend there. Content should be interesting, relevant and useful. The information provided should be original and not rehashed.
Speaking about images and background color, a business owner should choose simplistic designs and few images. It not only looks good but also professional. Stay away from jarring colors and designs that might make your visitors squint, make them dizzy or make the text unreadable. The design should be consistent and not differ from page to page.
The layout is the next important aspect. The website should have an intuitive user interface and should present all the important features at a glance. This feature is a must as not all web surfers are proficient at computers.
Include a feedback form or contact information. It will make your visitors feel welcome.