Flower Tattoo Designs

Nature is indeed associated with many living things including plants and animals. While animals multiply, plants bloom flowers which give beauty to the surroundings. Aside from representing beauty, flowers are also associated to humans as these creatures symbolize femininity. During early years, flowers were only seen in gardens as well as in flower shops. But then, as people learned the art of creating images, flower tattoo designs are seen in the form of art. These are designs often created by tattooists out there.

There so are many flower tattoo designs to choose from. However, choosing one sounds confusing. It may take much of the time and effort. Good thing with tattoo designs today is that you can’t just choose but also you can modify designs as you wish. You can take look with magazines and browse the net to find the desire design. Yet, the sad thing is that almost 99% of designs on the internet are redundant.

Flowers and their meanings

As usual, flowers have various colors are represents personalities. Like celebrities you can also decide what color you want depends on your personality. And as you wish, you can use color combination to make your flower design more appealing to the audience. Among colors, red is widely used by most females in the word. There’s no doubt about, red symbolizes love and luck. As an individuals who’s planning to get inked one day, red can be the best option when choosing a flower.


While red symbolizes love, pink is also an ideal color when choosing flower tattoos as it represents admiration and grace. Let’s say for example you admire someone. You can decide to get a pink flower and put the name of that person near beside the tattoo. You can also opt to choose other colors if you want. However, you should be careful when choosing one. You should bear in mind that tattoos are committed for a lifetime. Once you did a mistake in choosing, you’ll sure make regrets for life.

Among flower tattoo designs, rose is the most famous type of flower used by women. Rose is also associated with many things in life. Red rose symbolizes everlasting love, while symbolizes peace, pink symbolizes grace and black symbolizes death. If you wish you express your feeling to your love one the, red roses can be the best option.

On the other hand, black roses can be used if you want to commemorate someone who is gone. Black roses do not exist in nature and it’s only made by man to remember the death of an individual. However, people do believed that black roses are truly influential.

Flowers are part of nature and are excellent figures for your tattoos. However, before getting one among flower tattoo designs, make sure to choose the best. You can visit as many websites as you can. But above all, don’t be shy to ask the artist what design and color fit for your personality.