Flower Arrangements and Individually Designed Flower Bouquets

Flowers make a great gift. No matter the age or sex of the receiver, you can be sure that it will brighten their day. It is also a gift that in its own unique way is a form of art. There is much thought and creativity involved in floristry. Styles and designs differ between era, nations and from florist to florist.

Flower Gifts
There are three types of flower gifts you can choose from: flower arrangements, bouquets and flower buds.

Although there are no strict rules when creating a flower arrangement, florists have categorised three very distinct styles namely traditional, oriental and modern flower designs.

Traditional flower designs do not make use of any accessories apart from the vase, but rather the focus is on the number and colours of the flowers. Oriental flower designs focus on the appearance of the arrangement, linear lines that emphasise the negative spaces and texture and form of the flowers. A modern flower arrangement includes the minimal use of bright flowers and more accessories. It does not follow the traditional outline of arranging flowers as the styling depends solely on the preferences of the designer.

Bouquets, a French word with no English equivalent, would be defined as a bunch of flowers tied together. It is the most popular floral gift, especially during the festive seasons and for special occasions, due to its simple design and mobility. Individual flowers are cut, preened, arranged and tied together or wrapped in waterproof material because the bouquet is kept damp. The type of flowers used in a bouquet depends on the occasion, but much like modern flower arrangements, the choice depends on the florist.

Giving flower buds as a floral gift is less common than flower arrangements and bouquets. The significance of flower buds is their symbolism of natural fresh beauty and is commonly given amongst the youth. The benefit of flower buds as a gift is that lasts longer and the receiver has the opportunity to see how the flower blooms.

Individually Designed
The most important factor of flower designs, whether it’s an arrangement or bouquet, is to get the perfect balance, harmony and proportions. Reputable florists have a catalogue of professionally designed bouquets and arrangements that you can choose from. For a more personal floral arrangement you can request that the florist create a unique flower bouquet. With their expertise the florist would be able to assist you with the design, colour and tone of the bouquet.

An individually designed flower bouquet makes for an ideal gift as it is thoughtful with a personal touch. Keep in mind whom the bouquet is being created for. The tone of the bouquet is largely determined by the colours you choose. It would be preferable to choose the receiver’s favourite colour as theme for the arrangement or bouquet.

Seasonal flowers can be used to create a more exotic bouquet. During the winter months be sure to include flowers such as the iris, gladioli, strelitzia, hyacinth, anemones, calendula or daffodils. In the spring season the colourful lily, daisy, orchid, narcissus, poppy, sweet pea or tulip will brighten up your bouquet.

Brighten somebody’s day with a flower arrangement delivered to their doorstep. Your thoughtfulness and sentiments will be felt when you have a beautiful bouquet or arrangement created especially for them.