Find Beautiful Butterfly Tattoo Designs

For people who want to have a constant reminder of what they have gone through in life, butterfly tattoo designs help to highlight that important event. A lot of meanings have been derived from butterflies over the years in many cultures. In general, a butterfly tattoo represents a brand new life with peace and joy.

A butterfly starts its remarkable life cycle as an unsightly caterpillar. In just a few days, it transforms into a cocoon before becoming an incredible and pretty butterfly. It resembles someone who has gone through difficult time and come out enjoying a better life. Although a butterfly only has a very brief lifespan, its life experience is tremendous and amazing.

Butterfly tattoo designs have been one of the most wanted body arts for decades. The beautiful flying creature will never cease to impress you. The delicate wing design can be very flexible and creative. As there are over 25,000 butterfly species in this world, you can indeed make the artwork very artistic in anyway you like. You can stretch the design in any direction to suit your body curvature. Your butterfly motif can be monochrome with tribal style. You can also combine 3 to 4 butterflies with flowers to form a larger artwork in order to fill your stomach, lower back or upper back. In fact, butterfly tattoo designs can be placed on almost every body part.

A butterfly looks very feminine especially when the artwork is designed with multicolor, bright tone and fine lines. It can accentuate the sensuality of a female’s body. Before getting your amazing butterfly tattoo, you should see enough creative designs as butterfly options are tremendous and almost unlimited. You can look up tattoo magazines, books, websites, or albums in the parlors. Visiting an art gallery and talking to a tattoo artist can also instill design ideas for inking.