Do You Know the Pros and Cons of Tattoo Design Contests?

Tattoos are a form of body art that people have been using for self expression around the world for ages now. Though there are endless tattoo designs available on almost every possible subject, tattoo enthusiasts prefer to have something which is more personal and truly reflects their individual personality. Since every client’s personality and their requirements in a tattoo are different, having a tattoo design contest can be a great idea.

Before you plan to start a design contest or participate in such contests in the capacity of a designer, you must be aware of the pros and cons of having a tattoo design contest. There are some great advantages of having a design contest but there are some things that one must know when starting the contest.

Following are the pros of a tattoo design contest:

1. New Designs – A contest like this allows the designers to come up with their best designs that are not only original, but also take in every single requirement of the client. Every contest has a theme and all designs are based on the tattoo ideas and personal preferences of the client. So, if you’re looking for a range of freshly created designs to choose from, starting a tattoo design contest is the best deal for you.

2. Creativity – The designers bring out the best in them in terms of creativity and experience while designing tattoos for their clients. It is a great opportunity for them to showcase their creative genius keeping in mind every single requirement of the client.

3. Classes – Since a tattoo design contest is started by individuals with specific requirements, contest holders are free to define even the location on the body where the tattoo needs to be placed. For example; tattoos for the ankle, upper shoulder, neck, lower back, and arms and it can be quite interesting and a lot of fun to see the various types of tattoo designs that participants come up with.

4. Color – Use of colors in a tattoo is another skill that comes from knowledge and experience. If the client has specified colors that the designer thinks will not look good or may cause problems on the skin, the designer can discuss this with the client and convince them to make subtle changes in the color scheme. For example; pastel colors, vibrant colors, monotones or black and white; whichever goes well with the concept of the design.

5. Prizes – A pre determined prize money is an incentive for the designer to present his best work of art. The designer can use the winning design to promote his work and the client can show the winning designs to recommend the designer to friends or those interested in getting tattooed.

6. Judges – The people judging the contests are unbiased and are not told about either the designer’s forte or which design is created by which designer.

7. Sponsors – Many contests are sponsored by agencies that promote their own tattoo studios/ designers. They even encourage the artists to do some really creative work.