Designer Handbag Colors That Go With a White Dress

You cannot go wrong with a white dress for a daytime fashion event. A color that is so pristine and pure will blend well with just about any color. But when you don a white dress, you’re sometimes in a fix about what handbag color, kind and style will match the occasion and your taste.

Owning a designer bag

Designer bags are everywhere today. Ever wonder how so many women are walking down the road with a Dior or a Prada or a Yves Saint Laurent slung around their shoulders? After all, the costs of these bags can be quite high, and you can easily end up spending more than $1,000. If you want to keep it light with nude pumps and minimal accessories then consider a smaller handbag. There are various colors by the famous design houses that will compliment your dress. Take your time in shopping at various locations since each handbag has advantages over the others.

1. Wearing a white dress

To start with, you can carry just about any colored bag with a white dress. If your dress is plain white, then that leaves you with more options to pair any printed bag with it as well. Say you want to head out to a simple party in a dress, carry a black and white clutch that has a white flap and a black body. This will add a touch of delicacy to your stylish outfit.

2. Carrying a tote bag

You can’t really carry a tote bag when you’re wearing a lovely white dress can you? So a clutch would do the trick. A smaller handbag that you can put a lipstick, your credit card and some cash will be proper.

3. What if you love the color pink?

If your favorite color is pink and you’re wearing a dress to the party, then you’re just in luck, because white and pink are the most adorable combination of colors. Put on a pink jacket or a pink scarf, and carry a pink crocodile skin designer handbag with you and you’ll definitely make some heads turn.

4. How about a blue purse?

Add a pop of color with the blue and white shaded collection of purses which will just click so well with your little white dress. Many of the design houses have different styles of blue or blue-white combinations which will go well with your dress. So whether you’re in summer or spring, your dress will look great if you just team it up with the right colored designer bag.