Design Websites Keeping the SEO Friendly Concept in Mind

Designing a search engine friendly as well as visitors attracting website is not an easy task to do. There are many factors like huge flash design pages, dynamic pages liked by creative visitors but not even the major SEs (Google, Yahoo and Bing) like this. SEs like static and informative pages with unique content. Creating a SEO friendly website helps the website to rank higher in search engines hence the business will grow. This fulfills the intention of the website owners and the main purpose of making a website.

The process of SEO starts form website designing. If a website is designed properly keeping search engine friendly concepts in mind, then it will definitely get more and more visitors and business within small interval of time. Due to this reason business owners and webmasters re-designing their websites for SEO.

There are some SEO friendly website designing tips, which should be taking in to consideration while designing a website. Those are as follows:

1. Keep the menus at top of the website and avoid left menus.
2. Keep some keywords or company name as “alt text” for the logo.
3. Header tag is very important for search engines. So put some keywords inside the heading (h1) tag and keep this small and informative.
4. Each and every page should have unique title and description for search engines.
5. Avoid using flash, frame and java script in side a webpage. Search engines unable to read them. It may make the website heavy and take a long time to download and loose unique customers.
6. Keep the CSS and java script files in external folders. It will reduce the page size and make the download faster.
7. Try to avoid large images and graphics. For images and graphics use alt tags with relevant keywords.
8. Use text links for linking and avoid image links.
9. Avoid using complex tables; instead of those you can design the site with “divisions”.
10. Use standard HTML coding and validate with w3c validation.
11. Make the website browser compatible for different browsers like internet explorer, mozilla firefox, Opera, safari etc.
12. Make the website properly navigated for visitors in such a way that any visitor can reach their destination in 2-3 clicks maximum.
13. Keep the website design cool, attractive and informative.
14. Put updated and unique content with proper size and format for visitors reading.

Keeping in mind the above SEO friendly concepts, a website designer can easily design a search engine friendly as well as user friendly website. The web designers at LOJO Group are always taking care of your websites by implementing the above SEO friendly design tips in our work process.