Benefits of CAD Design Software for Companies and Clients

There are a long list of benefits when it comes to using CAD (Computer Aided Design) software for interior design and development. Whether you are a designer planning a room for a client or you are in a store working with a specialist to design an efficient kitchen, CAD design software is beneficial in more ways than one.

The beauty of this software is that it’s all designed on a computer making it easy to edit and quicker than planning by hand. The design software is so advanced, you can see how your potential room will look within minutes. You can create intricate drawings using CAD software and if you have the correct dimensions for your room these can be inputted into the software so your room is planned in exactly the right measurements. This is why the software is so favourable among retailers – customers are confident in knowing their room will look exactly how it does on the software. The customer can chop and change fittings until they are one hundred per cent happy with the design. In the newest software versions, accessories can be added to create a homely feel to the design. You can also paint the walls and change furniture colours with the newest CAD software.

CAD design software is also beneficial to retailers because it is cost-effective, companies will need to send staff members on training courses to get used to the software but once the knowledge is there, the software can be used economically from then on. If you were to hire a skilled interior designer to draw the room concept by hand this would cost more money – firstly, you’d have to hire an experienced designer and secondly, if redrafts are needed, the whole design will have to be scrapped and started over – wasting time, paper and money. Erasing a mistake using CAD software can be done in one click, instead of rubbing out or redrawing the whole plan by hand.

For retailers, knowing the customer can make amendments to their design, is key to customer confidence and satisfaction. The customer will feel assured knowing changes can be altered with a quick click, and therefore there is a higher chance of a sale. The software allows the customer to get a better feel for their new room by adding colour schemes and simple accessories. It’s not always easy to picture a room in black pencil lines – if the building process begins and the client decides they don’t like where the cabinets are placed, it will be a lot of money and hassle to change it. The CAD software also allows customers to see their room from any angle, whether they want to view the room from the window or sitting on the worktop – seeing the room from every angle will provide customers with confidence in their overall design.