A Natural Part of Your Garden Patio Design

Those living in condos and apartments may love to have a beautiful garden of flowers. Sadly, no one knows of a flower garden design without dirt. This is not readily available if you live in shared dwellings.

You should know, there are managers of these condos and apartments that do not have a problem with a resident planting a garden if it is away from the area where people come and go to their apartments.

They could actually be benefiting from your plantings as long as the flower garden design is attractive looking. If you are not the container gardening type, you never know until you ask. They may say no and give you a look. Instead, they might tell you a good area for planting your garden.

We are going to suppose, for the purpose of writing this piece, that your only option is a patio garden. A patio garden design will require that you follow rules that are fairly strict, but they will allow you to have great looking flowers that will grow.

Before anything else, you will want to plan the patio garden design and eliminate the use of plants that will need full sun for longer than a small number of hours per day. One thing you may not consider is that part of the sky will not be visible due to the apartment building you are living in. The only way this will not be a problem is if your patio garden is on a roof top because you live on the top floor. But, most patios have a roof – even top ones – so this blocks the sky as well.

Next, potted plants are prime sleeping, eating and other unmentionable areas for cats. This is especially true before the plants have had a chance to grow and take up more of the soil. So this attracts cats to the soil to do their unmentionable acts. Beginning plants can be killed by cats napping on them in the sunshine, keeping them from growing, but cat urine can do just as much damage because it contains ammonia.

If there are not families of cats running all over your apartment complex, then you do not have to be concerned with this. However, many apartment complexes have to take action to protect their patio garden design. There are ways to discourage cats from getting in your plants. Using a fertilizer with chemicals can keep them away while feeding the plants.

Just like many other animals, cats are very particular about what will stop them from doing something they want to do. Another method using skewers placed in the soil of the pot will help. Make sure they are placed in the pots while seeding so you will not run the risk of injuring root systems.

Buy plenty of skewers. The cat is quite unrelenting when they make up their mind they want to sleep in one spot. They may just curl up around the skewers if there are not many. These are usually found at your grocers and are not expensive. Wooden ones will do just fine. When the plant has had a chance to grow the soil is not as appealing and the skewers may be able to be taken out.