5 Reasons to Study Product Design

“Inventor” is not necessarily an official job title anymore. But in modern times, some of them have taken up a new name – designers. Those who create new products that people want and need are called Product Designers. If being a modern inventor is your idea of a cool career, a Bachelor’s Degree can give you a bright, shiny future to look forward to.

Product design is probably one of the most seamless designs in society that we take for granted. The shape of a toothpaste tube, comb, or chair may not catch your eye if they are mundane items. But a change of shape can either greatly enhance your experience of using the object – or greatly inconvenience you.

Yes, Product Designers can have the power to make life easier or more interesting with their creativity. And here are five reasons to study it – in no particular order of importance:

1) Decent salaries

For a job in design, this field pays decently for entry-level positions – designers with job experience can also expect a higher salary proportionate to their experience and capabilities. Fresh graduates in Singapore can find related jobs that pay SGD1800-2500 a month. To find out how much Product Designers earn in other countries, you can search up sites that provide salary information. You can look up information on forums too.

Product Designers who attended good schools will also have versatile skill sets. And this allows them to search for other design-related jobs out of their specialized fields during bleak times.

So do yourself a favor – find a good course that allows you to learn 3D rendering, software from Adobe’s Creative Suite, and communication skills.

2) Stretch your creativity with this century’s technology!

Now is a better time than any to be a product designer because technology is advanced enough. The dreams of many have become reality thanks to the successful fusion of product design and engineering. Yachts and fast cars are so yesterday. The super rich can probably customize their very own mobile island. Twenty years ago, who would have imagined that it would be possible to carry mobile phones roughly the size of credit cards? Imagine the fun you can have as technology advances.

3) Creativity is highly valued

If you are looking for a career that lets you develop and flex your creative muscles, Product Design is a good choice. It requires you to develop plenty of technical drawing skills. At Raffles, you will graduate with the ability to express ideas with your sketches, 2D, and 3D renders. Even at its dullest, your textbooks will include interesting case studies of what makes Product Design successful – or teach you how to draft industry-level diagrams and blueprints.

With inspired product designs, dreams can come alive. These dreams can be crafted, packaged, and sold to the masses.