5 Attributes of a Well Designed Website

A website that does not fulfill its purpose of selling or promoting is useless. Almost all pages that drive results have a similar formula behind them. What many people do is that they focus on the design and not the output of the website.

Almost all small and medium scale businesses are on a very limited advertising and marketing budget and if the cost of sale is higher, then that would be a negative contribution towards the business. The quality of the website depends on the web design itself. Some choose to go with a simple yet artistic look whereas others choose to go with very creative and complex designs. Although each website is different in their own ways but below are some of the things that are a must for all websites.

A clear vision – The website should have a clear vision and concept and the whole website should wrap around that vision or concept. Some people get their websites created to get more traffic whereas others do it to make sales. You have to decide and communicate to the designer, what is your motive behind the website. With a clear vision and intention, it will become easier for the designer and for you to grasp the whole concept and help in creating relevant designs of the website.

Easy to Navigate – A website should be designed in such a way, that it is easy for people to find the relevant things on the website in a short amount of time. It has been proven that users get frustrated quickly if there are complicated instructions and the website is not user friendly. What you can do to prevent that from happening is that, you can avoid putting heavy images on your site or complex navigational tools
Well Organization – Most web designing companies offer not only good looking web designs but also user friendly and they provide relevant information in a quick and effortless way. Having a website which is well maintained, organized, up to date and user friendly will automatically mean better things for you because the visitors will be satisfied if everything they require is available.

Style should match – The design of the website should go along with the website. The product and the website should blend well together and correlate. If the design of the website is in conflict with the product, then the customers might have a problem relating to the products and deciding whether the product is right for them or not.
Efficient use of space – The right things must be placed at their respective spots otherwise the website does not produce the right look. If your website is overcrowded or has a lot of empty spaces in it, both of these situations are bad for business and website, because people are not so keen on reading so much and all that reading material will just turn the readers off and the chances of them deserting your website will increase significantly. Well adjusted properly placed and in average a well calculated website will attract a lot of traffic and hopefully be a positive turn of events for you and your business.